Home of The Pink Nomadic

Just Some Van Lifers Making Great Food

Two people with a love for cooking and a lot of learning, wanting to share some of the easy, warm goodies we create with the world!

Food, Travel, Vanlife

What We Do


We travel the US and soon others, enjoying the moments of the world that only occur once.


We have a great time cooking each and every day, sharing meals with all those around us.


We also learn something new about van life constantly and would love to educate others on how to make their dreams real too.

Try these from Our Cookbook

Our Favorite Recipes

  • Raw Vegan Zucchini Noodle Bowl
    This is a great summer staple, just for a fresh filling, nutrient dense, low calorie dish! This bright flavor pallet is amazing and refreshing for the whole body, great meal easy meal for the family!
  • Vegan Fajita Pasta
    Vegan Fajita Pasta I know it sounds a little weird but, once you give it a try you’ll be in love with this dish too! An easy gluten-free, high protein meal that will sure to be great for the family. This dish is bright, fresh and completely satisfying!
  • 30 Minute Buddha Bowl
    One of the easiest meals to make, if you have left over veggies of any kind you can throw this meal together. Make this meal however you want!