Pink Nomadic

The Pink Nomadic

Here’s a little about me…

Anthony and Heather owners of Pink Nomadic

Hey, my name is Heather and the cool hippie by my side is Antony. We are in this journey together now. Setting off on our voyage across the world in a 1982 Chevy Transtar. If you have never heard of this vehicle before it’s because all information on this RV seems to have vanished off the face of the Earth. Learning every bit of this vehicle from scratch has been amazing! With nothing else like it, there will be no preconceived ideas of what should and will be.

Finding this vehicle in February 2020 and commencing a full remodel as of April 2020 giving us plenty of time during Quarantine to personalize and customize every square inch of this vehicle inside and out. Beginning our journey here seems to be perfect. This build with all of its pandemic stresses has been fun now we can’t wait to tackle the world.

For as long as I can remember, I have had this passionate urge to explore every inch of this gorgeous planet and find the hidden treasures it provides. Engineering and innovating the past for the futures prosperity. I want to do everything I can to help protect and preserve the Earth, so that others can enjoy its wonder today, new generations can explore its beauty tomorrow. My mission is to educate and influence other into changing the world one person at a time. Even the biggest journeys begin with one step. Continuing to inspire others is my driving factor, showing them how to expel every drop from life’s opportunities.

Always loving road trips, vacations, always moving and going from place to place seemed like home Meeting new people constantly and having the opportunity to meet so many people through unorthodox circumstances has been something I thrive with! It has made me into a bit of an extrovert that adores talking and learning about people hearing stories of others and their hardships, triumphs, losses has been fascinating to me. Networking has been simplified, becoming a natural part of me. Growing to be apart of new communities quickly! Living in places of abundant wealth as well as areas of the highest poverty, drug use and homelessness in the nation gave me the well rounded foundation I needed.

My Mission is to now help those who need it most, in the best way I know how to; providing information and education. To instill the power to take hold of your own life the best you can and never lose faith in it. I have learned to be as selfish as I can, that how people are taught selfish is negative when it could never be better. To be selfish to the most extreme meaning of the word. Learning that when someone is selfish they should be so wanting of everyone to be them, so wanting of the world all of its plants, animals, air and water to be of the best quality. For the cosmos to be theirs and for it to have the best energies and vibrations for prosperity of the self and all the selves.

“Only the crazy people are the ones crazy enough to change the world.”

This was said at the passing of a college of mine. He was a person who was going to do amazing things with his life and already was, at the announcement that he was going to be a father he changed who he was that instant to who he had to be for his little one. Showing others, they have the ability to do the same. This is my daily motivation to wake up every day with a breath of fresh air to change the world as he saw to.

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